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ISO Accreditation Underlines Energy Reduction Commitment

All UK sites in the RPC Group have achieved ISO 50001 certification for the implementation of a group-wide energy management programme, in line with the requirements of the ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) legislation.

As part of its Climate Change Agreement (CCA), RPC is committed to reducing the company’s Specific Energy Consumption (SEC) by a further 7.5% across its UK operations by 2020. This will deliver an overall saving of 17% compared with its power consumption in 2008. The ISO 50001 accreditation will provide the framework to achieve this, helping to develop a policy for more efficient use of energy, fixing targets for energy reduction and measuring the results.

RPC’s energy management programme also involves regular reviews to monitor the progress of all energy initiatives and provides training for employees, along with general awareness building throughout the sites on the importance of energy reduction.

The project is managed by Eduardo Gomes, general manager of RPC M&H Market Rasen. Each site has its own dedicated energy team which provides regular reports on its progress to date.

"Energy reduction and efficiencies are a key part of our Sustainability Matters programme,” comments Eduardo. "The ISO 50001 accreditation supports our work in this area and is a tribute to the hard work and commitment of everyone involved in the project.”

Eduardo Gomes, general manager, RPC M&H Market Rasen, Maureen Sumner-Smith, managing director BSI UK and Ireland, Katherine Fleet, RPC Group sustainability manager and Cedric Doorenbosch, RPC Group category purchasing manager.

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