A Leader in

Polythene Recycling 

in the UK

As one of the largest polythene film

re-processors in Europe

bpi recycled products is a champion of UK recycling. It is our mission to increase the amount of waste plastic recycled in the UK as part of our commitment to the environment, and the core sustainability strategy underpinning our business.

bpi recycled products is part of the wider RPC bpi group - a global producer of polythene film products, operating across diverse market sectors with manufacturing capacity in excess of 260,000 tonnes per year.

A leading reprocessor, continually investing

Every year we recycle up to 70,000 tonnes of waste polythene from a wide range of sources including packaging, commercial & industrial and agricultural plastics.

Over the last decade we have heavily invested in polythene film recycling. More recent additions include our state-of-the-art wash recycling plant in Derbyshire - where we recycle polythene from distribution sources such as pallet hoods and stretch wrap with paper labels that would otherwise go into landfill or be burnt.

Reduce Waste to Landfill with Closed Loop Recycling

To give a glimpse into our closed loop recycling process, the used agricultural films we collect are often heavily contaminated with soil and general debris, which is where our wash recycling plant plays a part. The waste plastic is washed, cleaned, and then extruded or ‘re-born’ as LDPE/LLDPE pellets. This material provides the perfect feedstock for our range of recycled products, given its linear polymer make-up which provides higher tensile strength and impact resistance.

The environmental benefits of recycling polythene in the UK are clear - it SAVES energy, SAVES water, SAVES raw material and SAVES carbon emissions. Plus, the waste material recovered may otherwise be land filled, burnt (which is illegal), or shipped thousands of miles to the Far East to a reprocessor only to be imported back to the UK afterwards - clocking up huge product miles and a massive carbon footprint.

Closed loop recycling and you

Closed loop recycling schemes are a high profile way for you to demonstrate your commitment to the environment. bpi recycled products can help implement this kind of closed loop scheme thanks to our recycling expertise and infrastructure. 

We can collect your waste plastic and supply recycled, second life products back to you for either your own use or for use by your customers.

bpi has won numerous awards for our closed loop recycling initiatives, most recently a VIBES Award (Vision in Business for the Environment of Scotland) for greener working practices at our Dumfries site.

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