Traceability of recycled plastic top priority for RPC bpi recycling

RPC bpi recycling in Heanor has gained the European Certificate for Plastics Recycling (EUCertPlast) in recognition of high standards followed for recycling of post-consumer plastic waste.

The EUCertPlast certification scheme was developed via a three-year project, co-financed by the European Commission, under the Eco-Innovation Programme and with support from EPRO (European Association of Plastic Recycling and Recovery Organisation), PRE (Plastic Recyclers Europe) and EUPC (European Plastic Converters).

The aim of EUCertPlast certification is to recognise and encourage best operating and environmental standards for plastic recyclers processing post-consumer waste across Europe. The certification gives confidence to both suppliers and customers that best practises are being followed throughout the recycling process with regards to stock management of incoming waste, recycling process, quality management, staff training and qualifications, traceability in supply chain and environmental protection.

The EUCertPlast certification works to the European Standard EN 15343:2007 that specifies necessary procedures for mechanical recycling needed for the traceability of recycled plastics that the end users will require for traceability of a batch of post-consumer recycled content in a product in order to allow better product control.

As Jagan Mohanraj, Innovations Director RPC bpi recycled products said: “As a recycler of post-consumer plastic packaging, with EUCertPlast certification we can provide our customers with the assurance that all the plastic film delivered to our sites will be processed in accordance to best practices and treated with respect for the environment as a top priority.”

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