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Berry bpi recycled products is the largest polythene film recycler in Europe, with the scope and expertise to recycle up to 70,000 tonnes of plastic waste each year. As a leading reprocessor our wide capabilities include LDPE recycling and HDPE recycling - specifically we recycle polythene from commercial, industrial, packaging and agricultural sources.


Every tonne of polythene we recycle

Saves 1.8 tonnes of crude oil, reduces energy usage by two thirds, entails 90% less water and cuts Sulphur dioxide emissions by 33%.

bpi recycled products locations

We have many recycling and manufacturing sites across the United Kingdom, from Gloucestershire to Dumfries, contact us today to find out more.

Closed loop recycling

bpi recycled products has won numerous awards for our closed loop recycling initiatives, most recently a VIBES award for greener working practices at our Dumfries site.

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