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Innovation in recycling

Berry bpi is a leading plastic recycler and converter in Europe, with the scope and expertise to recycle up to 100,000 tonnes
of plastic waste each year. Our reprocessing capabilities include LDPE, LLDPE & HDPE - specialising in pre-consumer and
post-consumer polythene from commercial, industrial, retail and agricultural sources.

Every tonne of polythene we recycle

Saves 1.8 tonnes of crude oil, reduces energy usage by two thirds, entails 90% less water and cuts Sulphur dioxide emissions by 33%.

Closed loop recycling

Berry bpi participates on closed loop recycling initiatives, most recently a collaboration with Tesco on a front of store collection recycling scheme.

bpi recycling locations

We have many recycling and manufacturing sites across Europe with our specialist recycling sites located in Dumfries, Heanor & Rhymney in the UK and Steinfeld & Zdzieszowice in Europe.

Contact us today for a free quote

If you’re looking to recycle plastics, whether for sale or general disposal, our specialist team is here to provide a free quotation and advice.

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